Our Mission

Our Mission

We are working with God and the spirits of heaven to heal all God’s creation—to heal all the nations of the world (Rv 22:1-2). The Bible and its revealed words have the power to transform hearts and minds, reuniting us with our Creator.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony exists to serve God and do His will on earth as it is done in heaven (Ps 103:20-22). Shincheonji means New Heaven and New Earth, a reference to the promised kingdom established according to God’s will in the last days to heal all nations (Rv 21:1-7, Rv 22:1-2). As the Church of Jesus, we are working to share the words of Jesus with the whole world. But whereas most churches in the world can only share the words Jesus gave us 2,000 years ago, we are also sharing the revealed word Jesus promised to give in the future—the testimony regarding the fulfillment of the prophecies of the New Testament (Jn 16:12, Jn 16:25). We are the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony established by the promised messenger of Jesus who is being used by God and Jesus to testify the events of Revelation’s fulfillment today.


The clarity of the revealed word in Shincheonji builds faith in the hearts of our members because faith comes from hearing the words of Christ.


Those who learn the word from Shincheonji receive a living hope in the Kingdom of Heaven & eternal life.


In spite of hardship and persecution, Shincheonji continues to share the perfect love of Christ with the world in word and deed.

Where to find us

New Heaven and New Earth

Shincheonji has members throughout the world and local branch churches in most major American cities, but since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have been meeting primarily online and in small groups to keep our members safe. Still, we'd love to hear from you! Submit your email address below and we will contact you with more information.