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Let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.

What is Zion Christian Mission Center?

Zion Christian Mission Center was established in 1990 in Seoul, South Korea as the educational outreach arm of Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. In just 4 years, ZCMC established 75 locations across South Korea, and it has been growing ever since. ZCMC is currently operating in 432 locations around the world. In 2019, various Mission Centers around the world joined together to hold a joint graduation event for all the students who finished our theology program that year. A total of 103,764 graduates participated in this landmark event, making it the largest graduation ceremony ever held by a single denomination. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made meeting in person much more difficult, ZCMC has continued to grow, providing our educational programs online via both non-synchronous video lectures and real-time lectures using Zoom. Now classes are held every month in 432 places around the world (278 places in Korea, 154 places abroad), and the Internet Zion Mission Center website also provides training courses online (as of November 2021).

Our Curriculum

In Revelation 22:16, Jesus promised to one day send his messenger to testify the prophecies and fulfillment of the book of Revelation to the churches. This revealed word—like a key in a lock—reveals God’s will throughout the rest of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. The next verse, Rv 22:17, compares this revealed word of God to the water of life and urges that it be given free of cost. We at Zion Christian Mission Center, having received this water of life freely ourselves, are excited to provide a systematic education covering the entirety of the Bible **at no cost** to any student who wishes to learn. All are welcome to study with us regardless of age, gender, educational background, or means.

Since the prophecies of Revelation were hidden in figurative, symbolic language, understanding the meaning of Revelation is impossible apart from a systematic understanding of the symbolism of the Bible’s parables. Thus, after an introductory course covering Bible Basics, ZCMC students are taught the meaning of the Bible’s parables—the secrets of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 13:10-15). Once they understand the figurative meanings of terms in the scripture like seed, tree, food, fire, light, water, breath, mountain, sun, moon and stars, our students are ready to move on to our intermediate course. This next set of lessons further explores the same figurative language in a journey through the entire Bible. Seeing how God has worked in the past helps us understand how God is working today. Finally, our students are guided through a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse explanation of the book of Revelation, including what the prophecies say, what the prophecies mean, and the evidence of their physical fulfillment today at the end of the age.

One of the most important things our students learn is that, contrary to what so many people expect, Revelation is not a book about some world-ending apocalypse or doomsday. Revelation is the story of God’s re-creation of His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the kingdom and people to which His throne in the spiritual world will descend and dwell with forever (Rv 21:1-7). The ZCMC Bible program gives students the keys to understanding this important book and its place in restoring all creation to its Creator. Use the contact form below to register for one of our study programs today and join us on this precious path to the Kingdom of Heaven!

Intro Course

Basics of the Bible

Students are led through a series of foundational lessons on the basics of the Bible to open their minds and motivate them toward a deeper study of God's word.

Course 2

The Secrets of Heaven

Believers should understand the symbolic language of the Bible—the secrets of Heaven—to help them recognize and help build God's kingdom on earth as in heaven (Mt 13:10-11, Mt 6:10).

Course 3

Journey Through the Bible

God is a God who prophesies and fulfills (Am 3:7, Is 14:24). Understanding how God has worked in the past helps us understand how God is working now.

Course 4

Revelation's Fulfillment

Revelation is the primary book of prophecies in the New Testament and represents the completion of all of God's work.

The ZCMC Logo

The Zion Christian Mission Center logo is a representation of the value of our organization and its teachings. The circular rainbow represents all creation, the heavens and the earth. The highest mountain within the circle is a representation of Mount Zion, which itself is a symbol of God’s kingdom. The words on the mountain read “Zion Theology” and refer to the new song that, according to Rv 14, is only sung on on Mt. Zion. This new song is the revealed word being taught by the one who witnessed the fulfillment of Revelation and received the open book according to Revelation 10. This new song gives us a clear understanding of the whole Bible. Above the open book are the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, which indicate that God is completing His 6,000-year-long work according to prophecy (Rv 21:6).

Exams and Graduation

At Zion Christian Mission Center, we believe the Bible is not just a book that is meant to grace our bookshelves or an accessory to carry around. Rather, we believe God wants His people to write His words in our hearts and minds (Dt 6:5-6, Heb 8:10-12). At the end of our intensive Bible-based study program, our students are encouraged to take a final graduation examination of roughly 300 questions covering the entirety of the program.

Those who complete the Zion Christian Mission Center Bible study program are allowed to register as official members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Each graduation ceremony is a celebration as these first fruits who sealed God’s word in their hearts and minds (Rv 14:1-5, Jas 1:18) are welcomed into the kingdom where they can join together in giving glory to God and Jesus. Graduating students wear a graduation gown embroidered with the Shincheonji logo—representing the holy city New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven (Rv 21). They also wear graduation caps with an open book logo indicating how the students have been sealed with the revealed word.

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    Shincheonji has members throughout the world and local branch churches in most major American cities, but since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have been meeting primarily online and in small groups to keep our members safe. Still, we'd love to hear from you! Submit your email address below and we will contact you with more information.